Monday, 8 July 2013

Blackstar v3 rom for galaxy pocket

Blackstar Rom v3( Twisted Breed )

The very popular blackstar rom has added another version to it self, the version 3 of black star rom is finally and its awesome.


* Fixed Mms timestamp

* Polished Statusbar

* Polished notifications layout

* New toggles images

* New Settings

* New Dialer

* New bootanimation

* Deleted Init.d (cause of some issues)

* Original Modifications searched provided by PocketDevTeam and TeamBlackStar

* More battery fluid

* Deleted 6lockscreen

* Deleted Greeper.apk

* Deleted Bloatwares

* Deleted some files

And many more to explore


* Youtube.apk (cant sign in and cant update but you can play your videos)

Installation Procedures:

* Reflash your firmware to stock via odin,or if you have a backup of stock rom then restore it.( i not done this step but you do for better use)

* Root your device and deodex it.

* place the blackstar rom v3 in the root of your sdcard.(not in any folder)

* Also place cwm in the root of your sdcard if you dont have a permanent cwmrecovery.( optional but better to keep)

* Now boot to cwm recovery and wipe data and cache.( press home key+volume up key+power key to go to recovery mode)

* Select install zip from sdcard and then select choose zip from sdcard.

* Now you should see blackstar 3 that you placed in the sdcard select it by pressing the home button and flash.

* Wait until installation completes and then wipe data and cache again.

* Reboot your devices and enjoy(booting will

take a longer time than usual,let's say

4-5minutes,so stay patient.

Get video tutorial HERE


* Pocket Dev Team

* TeamBlackStar

* Mvs Saketh - For Modifications

* Muhammad Al`Bukhari - For some knowledgements

* Joma Derecho - For his assistance

*'Carl Dean Catabay - For His good Ideas and images.


* Wiping data will erase all installed applications,so make a back up before doing anything.

* I will not be responsible for any damage

caused to your device as a result of flashing

this do it at your own risk.

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Download links:

Blackstar v3 rom


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